Mercer International - a Silvacom FMS Customer Success Story

How Mercer International Transformed their Woodlands Information Management by utilizing a SaaS Approach

For over fifty years, Mercer International Inc. (Mercer), an international bio-products company, has embraced modern technologies that help them achieve their vision of creating a more sustainable world.

A number of years ago they decided to invest in a new technology solution to manage their woodlands information systems. They were looking for a platform that would help them reach their business goals and keep them up to date with rapidly changing technologies. In 2013, Mercer implemented Silvacom FMS™ (Forest Management System).

“Keeping current with technology and the infrastructure needed to support it was nearly impossible for us. We just didn’t have the critical mass to support that kind of investment to stay current. We were looking for a different solution, and that’s what drew us to Silvacom FMS.”

- Stefan Szabo, Woodlands Manager, Mercer Peace River

Read our customer success case study on the value Mercer has gained since switching to Silvacom FMS.

Download the Case Study


Photo: Mercer Peace River. © Mercer International Inc.


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