Silvacom FMS™ consists of a set of cloud-based geospatial forest management applications and modules specifically engineered to facilitate the complete forest management process.

The applications and modules are accessible from anywhere, anytime; all you need is an internet connection, computer and log in. With best-in-class data security, routine backups and regular software updates; never worry about in-house infrastructure failures or server updates ever again.

Silvacom FMS also connects with other third-party applications, truly bringing together the complete management of your forest.

Silvacom FMS Features

Facilitate Forest Management Activities

  • Spatial editing tools to create and manage cut blocks
  • Plan and managed harvest activities
  • Track harvest operations
  • Manage silviculture activities
  • Enable Insightful decision making

Comprehensive Road Management

  • Manage road permitting, structures and events
  • Enforce business rules and automatically prescribe activities
  • Linear referencing Spatial editing tools

Completely Cloud-Based System

  • Cloud-based data management and storage
  • Cloud-based document management
  • Best in class data security
  • Compatible with existing third-party applications
  • No upfront software licensing cost

Harvest Variance Tracking

  • Automate planned vs harvested block variance processing
  • Categorize and manage variance to plans 
  • Auto-generate variance 

Simplified Regulatory Submissions

  • Prepare for regulatory approvals more efficiently
  • Expedite the government submissions process (e.g. FTA and RESULTS)
  • Reduce administrative workload

GIS Made Easy

  • Generate georeferenced production maps
  • Produce high-quality purpose-built maps
  • Easy-to-use, full in-app spatial editing capabilities
  • The latest Esri technology

Connect Your Business and Your Teams

  • Connect your whole team through one system
  • Remote staff can manage key data
  • Full in-house customization of user permissions
  • Mobile data collection opportunities (via third-party app integration)

Silvacom FMS is the Most Comprehensive
Cloud-Based Forest Management Software
in the World.

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Silvacom FMS Applications Overview

Harvest Planner_Features

Harvest Planner

A comprehensive forest planning application for planning and managing all tactical and operational data, including cut blocks, roads, structures, events, and more - with full spatial editing, geoprocessing, reporting, and much, much more.

Spatial Viewer_Features


A general-purpose web GIS for viewing and exploring all spatial data layers hosted within the system. An easy-to-use web utility that puts geospatial information into the hands of both technical and non-technical users.

File Exchange_Features


A general-purpose file storage system for storing and retrieving documents within the system. This repository is secure and user-managed and used as a document management platform for storing generated maps and reports using Silvacom FMS.

Data Management_Features


The Data Management application provides a platform to interact with our Data Extract, Maps Online and Spatial Data Exchange modules, all conveniently aggregated for ease of use.

Silvacom FMS Modules Overview

Silviculture Planner_Features


A geospatial silviculture planning and reporting tool. The Silviculture Planner application includes automatic generation of prescribed silviculture activities, full spatial editing capabilities for activities, import of spatial data from external sources, and input utilities for survey data.

Harvest Tracker_Features

Harvest Tracker

A database interface for displaying and managing key dates and related block attributes (such as volume information at the block harvesting stage).

Maps Online_Features


An effective and intuitive web application for users to easily generate common "canned" production maps required for the forest management operations. Maps are purpose-built and designed in consultation with our clients. High-quality cartographic products are produced using the latest Esri technology.

Data Exchange_Features


An easy-to-use utility to extract spatial data from Silvacom FMS for offline GIS geoprocessing, mapping or custom analysis and reporting.

Spatial Data Exchange


Spatial Data Exchange is a simple to use check-in/check-out tool to exchange spatial data between a user’s desktop GIS system and the Silvacom FMS data warehouse.

The Silvacom FMS Customer Support Difference

With Silvacom FMS you not only gain access to our comprehensive cloud-based forest management software, but you also access our responsive and effective customer support team. Our renowned team includes technical gurus and forestry professionals.

We strengthen your team because we’re part of it.

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Our Clients

Silvacom FMS is used by small and large forestry companies including:


Our clients have great things to say about Silvacom FMS


“For over 5 years Mercer has valued Silvacom’s software and services. Their innovative solutions stand out and assist in improving our business efficiencies. We have relied on them to get us what we need to be successful.”

Stefan Szabo

Mercer Peace River


“Edfor Cooperative has used Silvacom FMS for over four years, and as a small organization it allows us to do more with less and track forestry events from cutblock to free growing. We enjoy the freedom to focus more on field-work, and the Silvacom FMS support staff is a HUGE asset for technical and forestry support.”

Dave Cobb

Edfor Cooperative

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