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Designed by forestry professionals, for forestry professionals, Silvacom FMS™ (Forest Management System) is the most comprehensive cloud-based forest management software in the world.

Silvacom FMS is an Esri-based geospatial software solution that offers sophisticated, powerful and easy-to-use workflows. Thoughtfully designed to help you meet jurisdictional requirements; our support team is comprised of both technical gurus and forestry professionals.

We strengthen your team because we’re part of it.

By Forestry Professionals, For Forestry Professionals

Plan, Manage, and Measure - Completely in the Cloud with Silvacom FMS

A Complete Forestry Cloud Application

Silvacom FMS is an integrated system of geospatial cloud-based forest management applications that empower forestry companies to plan harvesting activities, track operations, manage silviculture, generate georeferenced maps and much, much more.

With Silvacom FMS there is no need for companies to pay upfront software licensing fees, invest in their own infrastructure, or hire specialized staff to build and maintain an expensive system.

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Silvacom FMS is your online tool for:

Harvest Planning

  • Manage block development and track activities
  • Easy-to-use, in-app spatial editing capabilities (powered by Esri)
  • Configure and customize business rules to automate processes
  • Make government approval submissions easier (e.g. FTA and RESULTS)
  • Access a support team that includes technical and forestry professionals to help you streamline your workflows and reduce risk

Road Management

  • Create and manage your own roads using our proprietary linear referencing system
  • Easy-to-use online spatial editing tools
  • Manage road events, activities and inspections
  • Minimize time spent planning and monitoring road permitting, structures and events

Silviculture Planning

  • Auto-generate and customize regimes and activities
  • Track, manage and report liability efficiently across your entire enterprise
  • Integrate with third-party apps – import and export data seamlessly
  • Expedite the government submission process and reduce administrative work


  • Be your own GIS specialist with the ability to easily generate high-quality maps when needed
  • Create georeferenced, hard-copy production maps
  • Access purpose-built maps designed by our forestry professionals
  • Facilitate spatial analysis

Make Forest Management Easier

Plan, Manage, and Measure - Completely in the Cloud with Silvacom FMS

Our Clients

Silvacom FMS is used by small and large forestry companies including:


Our clients have great things to say about Silvacom FMS


“For over 5 years Mercer has valued Silvacom’s software and services. Their innovative solutions stand out and assist in improving our business efficiencies. We have relied on them to get us what we need to be successful.”

Stefan Szabo

Mercer Peace River


“Edfor Cooperative has used Silvacom FMS for over four years, and as a small organization it allows us to do more with less and track forestry events from cutblock to free growing. We enjoy the freedom to focus more on field-work, and the Silvacom FMS support staff is a HUGE asset for technical and forestry support.”

Dave Cobb

Edfor Cooperative

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Silvacom FMS is the Most Comprehensive
Cloud-Based Forest Management Software
in the World

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