Why Silvacom FMS

Silvacom FMS is the Most Comprehensive Cloud-Based Forest Management Software in the World.

Silvacom FMS is an integrated system of geospatial cloud-based forest management applications that empower forestry companies to plan harvesting activities, track operations, manage silviculture, generate georeferenced maps and much, much more.

Make Forest Management Easier!

With Silvacom FMS you get access to the best cloud-based forest management software AND an industry-renowned customer support team that includes both technical gurus and forestry professionals.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model offers affordable monthly subscription fees which cover all software, hosting, and maintenance costs, significantly reducing the total cost of managing your forest management system.

Manage your forest completely in the cloud with Silvacom FMS.


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Silvacom FMS Forest Planner

 Plan, Manage, and Measure - Completely in the Cloud with Silvacom FMS

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Silvacom FMS is Designed to Help:

Planning Foresters

As a planning forester, your core business is to maintain wood flow to your mill while sustainably managing natural resources.

Focus on your core business by using Silvacom FMS to:

  • Reduce your administrative workload 
  • Automate business processes and workflows
  • Make GIS easier and more intuitive
  • Expedite your government submission process

Data Managers

As a data manager, you’re responsible for providing data quality and currency, allowing informed business decisions to be made.

Focus on this responsibility by using Silvacom FMS to:

  • Automate data updates and maintenance
  • Create a consistent, centralized database
  • Improve and automate workflows for your team
  • Put the power of linear referencing into the hands of others
  • Remove barriers to road permitting, event and structure management

GIS Analysts

As a GIS Analyst, you provide value to your organization by delivering business insights using geospatial analytics.

Make this a reality by using Silvacom FMS to:

  • Create consistent map templates that can be deployed across your organization and generated by anyone
  • Maintain data and map templates
  • Perform geo-processes within the application
  • Automatically connect to web mapping services

Silviculture Foresters

As a silviculture forester, you’re required to meet or exceed reforestation standards through efficient regeneration practices.

You can do this by using Silvacom FMS to:

  • Make liability reporting faster and easier
  • Reduce the risk of under-estimating current or planned liability
  • Automate regeneration regimes and prescriptions
  • Standardize redundant or complex workflows
  • Maintain consistent geospatial data so prescription success can be evaluated

Management Teams

As a manager, you need timely access to data to make informed strategic decisions. You also need to ensure your team can operate efficiently and effectively.

Focus on doing just this, by using Silvacom FMS to:

  • Present and summarize complex datasets in an intuitive way
  • Ensure resources are focused on their core business role
  • Reduce the burden of regulatory requirements
  • Make the planning and tracking of your forest operations faster and easier

Connect All Your Forest Operations And Your Team

Silvacom FMS

By Forestry Professionals, For Forestry Professionals

Plan, Manage, and Measure - Completely in the Cloud with Silvacom FMS

Our Clients

Silvacom FMS is used by small and large forestry companies including:


Our clients have great things to say about Silvacom FMS


“For over 5 years Mercer has valued Silvacom’s software and services. Their innovative solutions stand out and assist in improving our business efficiencies. We have relied on them to get us what we need to be successful.”

Stefan Szabo

Mercer Peace River


“Edfor Cooperative has used Silvacom FMS for over four years, and as a small organization it allows us to do more with less and track forestry events from cutblock to free growing. We enjoy the freedom to focus more on field-work, and the Silvacom FMS support staff is a HUGE asset for technical and forestry support.”

Dave Cobb

Edfor Cooperative

Silvacom FMS is the Most Comprehensive
Cloud-Based Forest Management Software
in the World

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