February 24th, 2021: Meet us at OFIA's 78th Annual Meeting & Convention

Silvacom FMS™ is a proud sponsor of OFIA's 78th Annual Meeting and Convention that will be held on February 24th, 2021. The theme for the virtual event is "Sustaining Economic Recovery" and will focus on how to grow a stronger, greener Ontario through innovative forest products and sustainable practices. 

The event will include representatives from the Ontario government, First Nations groups, research institutions, and the forest products sector. The panel sessions will host discussions centered around four themes of sustainable development including: wood supply, cost competitiveness, education and innovation, and sustainability and stewardship.

Silvacom FMS™ will be attending this event and our team would love to connect with you and share how Silvacom FMS (Forest Management System) can improve your business and assist your team in creating sustainable forests for future generations.  

For more details on OFIA's 78th Annual Meeting and Convention, visit the OFIA website.



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